Professional Development Survey Results

YNPN LA's mission is to empower and support mission-driven professionals like YOU, but last winter the Board realized that outside of our vent sessions, we didn't fully understand the needs of our community.

More than 50 of you completed our Professional Development Needs Assessment Survey, and the results are compelling. Keep reading for a breakdown of the our methodology, topics, and outcomes.

To gain a deeper understanding of your professional development leads, we first researched professional development topics relevant to nonprofit and emerging professionals, through a mix of internet research and conversations among the board members and constituents.

We arrived at a list of 29 different professional topics for possible PD workshops. Using a Google Form, we asked constituents to rate how useful a training on each one would be. The topics fell into four categories:

  1. Career Development (such as relevant masters programs and managing conflict at work)
  2. Professional Skills (specific skills like excel, PPT, leading great meetings, and social media)
  3. Job Search (and related skills, like resumes, cover letters, interviewing, etc.)
  4. Personal Growth (skills that cross over between your personal and professional life, like mentorship, self-care/stress management, financial management, etc.)

A total of 52 people completed the survey, both in person and online. Respondents were asked to answered the question, "How helpful would it be to attend a training or workshop on the following topics?"

The options were Not Very Helpful, Somewhat Helpful, or Very Helpful. We converted each answer to a score of 1, 2, or 3 (respectively) so we could determine mean score of each topic.

Below is the full list of topics and their categories, average scores, and distance from the mean (2.26) relative to the standard deviation (SD) (0.22).

These results are indicative of where our community is at -- we're eager to be more effective in the workplace -- whether that's in their jobs specifically or as professionals more generally -- in our pursuit of career growth. Arguably, the topics "professional mentorship" and "being an ally" fall into this broader category as well.

We're excited to use this data to plan future professional development workshops that meet the true needs of our members!

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