Professional Development Survey Results

YNPN LA's mission is to empower and support mission-driven professionals like YOU, but last winter the Board realized that outside of our vent sessions, we didn't fully understand the needs of our community.

More than 50 of you completed our Professional Development Needs Assessment Survey, and the results are compelling. Keep reading for a breakdown of the our methodology, topics, and outcomes.

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Why Give Locally?

Many of us in the YNPN LA community work for organizations that are locally based and focused. In my case, I work as a fundraiser for Children's Hospital Los Angeles. In that capacity, I've run into a question you most likely have faced: "Why should our philanthropic prospects give to local causes?"

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Town Hall Recap (4/4/17)

On April 4, 2017, YNPN LA hosted our first-ever Town Hall Meeting. Members came early for a members-only social and dinner. To foster relationship-building, we did an icebreaker ("3 Questions") and did introductions where attendees shared their name, their organization, and their passion. One attendee summed up why our community is so important:

We continued by sharing about YNPN LA's mission, board, and committee structure, then we dove into a report-out on our successes over the last year and strategic plan for 2017. The most engaging part of the evening was the Community Dialogue section, where members, nonmembers, and the board discussed the strengths of the plan, the potential problem areas, and ways we can make an event bigger impact in the community.

One of the biggest take-aways from the board's perspective was that our community is hungry to build more connections with each other and external organizations. One quote that's ringing in our ears was this:


There was real energy around this sentiment, and as a board we will be course-correcting to create more spaces where this can happen, including future town halls, open meetings, and member-led spaces where members can benefit from the communal wisdom and dialogue about issues critical to our industry.

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 Photos from the event

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Guest Blogger: Emma Standring-Trueblood

We're excited to welcome our first ever Guest Blogger, Emma Standring-Trueblood! We'll be posting quarterly blog posts by her on a variety of topics. As a corporate fundraiser for Children's Hospital Los Angeles, her specialty is in the areas of corporate social responsibility, locally focused fundraising, and fundraising events. Learn more about her below and keep your eyes peeled for her first post in early April.

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Welcome our Newest Board Members, Noa and Andrew!

We're excited to welcome our two newest board members, Noa Oldak-Moradian and Andrew Vidales!

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Winter Book Recommendations

If you're lucky enough to get a few days off this holiday season, consider adding one more tally to your "2016 books read" list and impressing your boss when you return to the office in January. Below are six books that we hope will educate and inspire. In the spirit of shoestring nonprofit budgets, the price listed is the cheapest used book price on Amazon.

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