Board Member Spotlight: Angela Vázquez, Board President

Each month for the rest of the year YNPN LA will be highlighting our board members. The Board is the heartbeat of the organization and we want share our passions with you. This month we are going to give you the inside scoop on our Board President, Angela Vázquez.


Angela Vázquez is YNPN LA’s Board President, but when she is not bringing her peeps in the nonprofit field together, she works as the Education Policy Manager and current Acting Director for an initiative of the National Center for Youth Law, FosterEd Los Angeles. From the local schools and school districts, to the child welfare department, to community based organizations, she hopes to build institutional relationships across traditionally silo’ed public agency efforts through policy and practice change, leveraging all local and state resources to close the academic achievement and opportunity gap for students in foster care.  The daughter of two public school teachers, and sibling to two more public school teachers, Angela has been a champion for educational equity since long before she received her Master’s in Social Work from USC and began her career in professional activism and systems change. Prior to FosterEd Los Angeles, Angela was a Policy Analyst at Advancement Project where she led a successful coalition campaign to ensure LAUSD, the district with the second-largest population of foster youth in the country, invested an unprecedented $10 million in its most vulnerable students in foster care.  When she is not advocating for children in care, Angela loves to fill her life with music - she taught herself to play guitar and is currently learning to play bass. You can find her at local indie and pop rock shows (or maybe on a cruise with her favorite band, Paramore), but she’d also like to show you the wicked vinyl collection she and her partner have accumulated.  You can find her on LinkedIn: angmvazquez and Twitter: @undrcvrsocialwk.


Check back each month to see whose dropping in to share the deets.


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